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Keto Coaching


I'm a Certified Ketogenic Lifestyle and Wellness Coach.


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I'm a mom to four, and I'm married to my best friend. 

I practice a keto diet and can relate and give insight for better success and compliance with a ketogenic diet.

As someone who was overweight and with a family history of autoimmune disease, cancer, diabetes and high cholesterol, I chose a ketogenic lifestyle as a preventative measure. What I did not realize was the added benefits I would immediately receive by following this lifestyle; weight loss, (92 lbs! WOO HOO!) improved sleep, increased energy and decreased sugar cravings.

When I decided to start my journey, I looked into finding a keto coach, to no avail. I joined several keto Facebook groups, and buried my nose in books. Thereafter, I started my own keto Facebook group, KETO INCOGNITO 

We currently have over 3k+ members and are growing daily.  

It is a group for women only.

I want my members to feel most comfortable sharing, within a private group of ladies. 

I learned a lot of new information and started to apply it to my (WOL) way of life. 


There were a lot of things I already had known, such as carbs, insulin, and ketones. (nutritional ketosis and diabetic ketoacidosis are not the same) 


I've been counting carbs for the last 15 years and I've been checking for ketones, for just as long. I've been dosing insulin, correcting blood glucose and playing the role as a pancreas... A pancreas!? Yes, for my daughter who was diagnosed with diabetes at 1 years old.   


I would consider myself an expert, in the world of type 1 diabetes, and I would also consider myself patient nurturing and sleep deprived...<<sigh>> But we do what we need to do for our loved ones, especially when it could be a life or death situation..  


With many years of lost sleep, extreme stress, anxiety, depression, hormonal issues, meds and frequent illnesses, my metabolism slowed, and the weight packed on. 

I walked around like a mombie! (a zombie mom)

Shortly after starting keto, not only did the weight come off quickly, but I noticed a change in other ways, than the physical. I had increased energy levels (man, i could just keep on going, even on such limited sleep) My mental clarity was improved - I was more focused, alert and in tune..

My health greatly improved as well. 

I no longer needed to take certain meds, and I found myself no longer taking weekly trips to the doctor's office (it was always something!)

As time moved on, my confidence regained itself. It was great to just grab an outfit out of the closet, and not stress about how it would look.

I felt healthy, "new" and GREAT! 

As my life improved, I wanted to help others too. It is a passion of mine, to help others and believe that anyone could practice a ketogenic lifestyle and succeed.; not just with weight loss, but for a healthy and healing way of life!


I decided it was time, to take my "new" life into a new phase, and to become a Certified Ketogenic Lifestyle and Wellness Coach. 





I offer keto coaching in person and with virtual clients world-wide. I not only break down the ketogenic diet into easy actionable steps, but I give my clients the support and accountability they need to achieve their desired results.  


As a Certified Ketogenic Lifestyle and Wellness Coach, I specialize in helping my clients, navigate this new way of eating by providing one on one coaching with a customized plan specific to their goals. Whether they are looking to lose weight or for better health, I educate, support and coach them, on how to achieve their goals while following a Ketogenic diet. I provide personalized macro plans and sample macro meal ideas to hit their macro goals. I also provide my clients with all the necessary information and tools to get them started with their new life change.

All of this combined with the accountability of reporting to me as their coach, sets them up for great success.


As a keto lifestyle coach, my goal is to empower you with all the tools and information necessary to make this way of eating work for you, incorporate fitness, and adopt the mindset so you can confidently reach your optimum level of whole body health. I will coach you through the process until you have reached your goals and you are confident that you can continue on your own.

I will provide you with all the mentorship, support and accountability you need to help you figure out the important things you should be doing differently, and troubleshoot all the inevitable challenges and difficulties that will come up along the way.

If you've never tried following a Ketogenic diet, or are finding it hard to follow it on your own, or it's difficult to stay on track.... you may benefit from one on one coaching, or my KETO 101 seven week program.