I'm a Certified Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach.

I'm a mom to four, and I'm married to my best friend. 

I practice a ketogenic lifestyle and can relate and give insight for better success and compliance with a ketogenic diet.

As someone who was overweight and with a family history of autoimmune disease, cancer, diabetes and high cholesterol, I chose a ketogenic lifestyle as a preventative measure. What I did not realize was the added benefits I would immediately receive by following this lifestyle; I lost 94 lbs within the first year, my sleep improved, my energy level increased and my sugar cravings decreased.  READ MORE

Jennifer DeGuilio

Certified Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach

KETO 101

zero to keto

Keto 101 is keto lifestyle expert, Jennifer DeGuilio's signature 7-week program that takes you from zero to keto!  In this program, you will break old habits, feel a surge of energy, lose weight, and feel better than you have ever felt while eating the most delicious, whole-food meals that have ever touched your taste buds!  Jennifer brings her personal experience to the table as she gives you personal support through your journey.  With personal support from Jennifer, and a private Facebook group, you will receive a full fitness and nutrition lifestyle makeover, plus comprehensive program guides, packed with tips, recipes and a step-by-step plan for your new keto lifestyle!!  As a certified Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach, you can rest assured, you are working with a trained expert who has walked in your shoes.

What Jennifer's Clients Say

The mission of Keto 101: Zero to Keto is to take your personal health on a transformative journey from a place of lethargy and carb addiction to that of euphoria and fat-burning!  

My experience, training and passion are all about getting busy women results... not just in terms of fat loss, but in improving their overall quality of life.  Busy moms deserve to be able to fulfill their daily routine with delicious fatty-foods that fuel their brains and build their bodies! 

Ketogenic Lifestyle Benefits

  • Get a Solid Nutrition and Fitness Strategy 

  • Live a Long, Healthy, Fat-fueled Life 

  • Feel Your Best Inside & Out!

  • Increase Your Body's Fat-burning Mode

  • Sustained Energy

  • Improved Physical Fitness

  • Fight Chronic and Life-Threatening Disease

  • Get Fat-Adapted and Adapt a Ketogenic Lifestyle

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What to Expect in Keto 101:

  • Seven Weeks, Including One Prep Week, Adopting the Ketogenic Lifestyle

  • The Complete Keto 101 Program Guide to Kickstart Your Keto Journey

  • Personal Keto Health Assessment

  • Jennifer's Two Week Carb Cleanse Menu

  • Sample Meal Plans

  • Comprehensive Program Guides and Recipe Books (36 eBooks in total)

  • The Best Keto Products + Grocery Shopping Guide

  • Private Facebook Group Membership Support

  • Daily Lessons

  • Daily Keto Recipes

  • Personal Guidance

  • Calculating Custom Macronutrient Targets to Help You Reach Your Health and Fitness Goals

  • Feedback on Your Daily Intake & Food Logs

  • Easy Weekly Workouts to Optimize Your New Keto Lifestyle

  • Meal Prep Tips & Ideas

  • Live Q&A's

  • Science Behind Keto and Why it is So Effective For Your Whole Body Health

  • Access to Exclusive Keto 101 Recipes with Macronutrients

  • Access to Ketogenic Lifestyle expert, Jennifer DeGuilio for Personal Coaching & Support

Get Answers to Your Keto Questions

  •  What are the basics of ketogenic living?

  •  What the heck is ketosis?

  •  How do I get my body to produce ketones?

  •  What are macros?


  • What tools do I need to live a keto lifestyle?

  • What food can I eat on keto?

  • Will I have to give up carbs #forever?

  • How do I get through the "keto flu" without quitting?

KETO 101

zero to keto


  • Week 0: Prep Week

  • Week 1: Getting into Ketosis

  • Week 2: Understanding Your Body & Food Labels

  • Week 3: Intuitive Eating

  • Week 4: Eating for Your Hormones & An Intro to Intermittent Fasting

  • Week 5: The Keto Cure

  • Week 6: Maintaining Your New Ketogenic Lifestyle

Total Investment $299.99

There is NO reason to feel deprived while you're losing

weight, healing and maintaining a ketogenic lifestyle.

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